Anthony Schepperd


City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What do you think about these days more than anything else?

To spend more time working on personal artistic endeavors and less working on my commercial stuff. I’ve been dying to dive into a music video like I dove into “The Music Scene.” That took me half a year to do. I’ve been thinking a lot that I just need to spend that amount of time on something again, something personal, that I have full control over. It’s one of those things that builds up in you over time, especially with the more commercial work you do, you get antsy and need to take time to do something real for yourself.

What was your proudest moment?

The other day I checked my credit score— better than my father’s. And I called him up, and I shoved it in his face. That was a good moment. (laughs)

Franny Choi


City: Providence, Rhode Island

How did you begin doing spoken word and poetry?

(laughs) This is the origin story that I always tell, and I’m not even sure if it’s true anymore. I think what happened is that I read Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl.” And I was like, holy shit, this is poetry that is exciting and dirty and risky and angry and it’s clearly meant to be read aloud. And I knew that the controversy was that Ginsberg had read this poem out loud in public, and I was really fascinated and captivated by that idea. So I sought out open mics in Atlanta—  where I went to high school— and sort of went searching for that same type of energy, and what that felt like today. And that’s kind of how I started– how I got on this winding path to poetry.